Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giant Gerber Daisy

Tracy Gamblin created a beautiful cake using the giant gerber daisy mold as the focal point.

I knew when I saw the Giant Gerber Daisy mold that I wanted to use it against a dark chocolate fondant. I even had it in my mind that I would have lots of little Gerber daisies surrounding it on top of the cake. Funny how things work out when you start decorating and realizing there may be a change in plans.

First, the Giant Gerber Daisy was big…very big. I used a small bit of white gumpaste/fondant as the center. Then I added pink gumpaste/fondant on top of the white for the petals. I was careful not to add too much gumpaste/fondant to the mold because I was concerned about too much thickness thus adding more weight to the flower. I also did this same process for the small blossom set mold that had little daisies in it.

It worked out great and after removing the flowers carefully I allowed all of them to air dry for two days.

I wanted to give the giant daisy (and the smaller ones) more depth by painting them with the following dusts: plum, then mauve for the petals and apple green and avocado for the centers. I highly recommend using dusts as it gave the giant daisy so much more depth.

I decided to use the Feather Swirls #2 Texture Mat to make impressions all over the dark chocolate fondant that I rolled out to cover the cake. The result was so subtle and very nice compliment to the dark color of the fondant. I attached a 1 ½” size bronze colored ribbon around the bottom for added contrast.

I realized at this point the Giant Gerber Daisy was going to be the focal point and adding all the small daisies to the cake was not the right approach. I decided attach the giant daisy in the front (with some green leaves I cut out from my own collection) and laid the smaller daisies on the cake stand around the cake.

I hope you enjoy the project. I still can’t get over how large the mold is for the Giant Gerber Daisy and I’m looking forward to more possibilities for using it.

Products Used:

Giant Gerber Daisy

Mini - Blossom Set A

Feather Swirls #2 Texture Mat

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  1. I guess they call it giant for a reason! That is such a soft, beautiful cake. I love the colors.