Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wide Floral Lace

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Our preacher's wife was retiring from teaching from our parochial school after 18 years of teaching.  She is a North Carolina gal and has never lost her accent.  I remember years ago that she mentioned that dogwood were her favorite flower so I decided to use dogwood on the centerpiece cake for her retirement reception at the school.

The plates the school board was providing had a light aqua background with soft pink roses and a creamy hydrangea type flower printed on them.  I was supposed to create something that coordinated with the plates.  I knew that dogwood wasn't on the plates but really wanted to put 18 dogwood flowers on her cake - each dogwood symbolizing 1 year of teaching at the school.  I decided to incorporate the aqua color by using two lace pieces diagonally across two corners of the sheet cake.

The Border - Wide Floral lace press that I purchased from Decorate The Cake at a cake club DOS in Council Bluffs, NE, was the solution to my design challenge.  I mixed aqua MMF (left over from graduation time) with white fondant, rolled it out to #3 thickness with my KA Pasta roller.

I placed this over the lace mold cavity and pressed the second part of the press into it until the edges cut the fondant.  I removed the lace mold piece and cleaned up the edges by using my finger to gently pull any fondant along the edge to the middle of the lace piece.  I removed the lace piece by placing the mold and lace face down and rolling the silicon mold back to release the fondant lace.

With a little dusting with luster dust, I place the ribbon on opposite corners and trimmed the lace to the angle of the cake edge.  I chose those two particular corners so that my dogwood branches and lace pieces would leave me an open area in the bottom left of the sheet cake to write the message.

I piped the branches on, placed the gumpaste dogwood flowers on and then piped a few leaves with green (again coordinating with the green in the paper ware). Since there was a predominate color of pink on the plates, I chose to print the salutations in pink to incorporate the color onto the cake design.  Since the parochial school is preschool-8th grade, I chose to print the words  so that the younger children could read it.  We all call her Amy but the children address her as Mrs. Hofman so I decided the message should be:  "We will miss you, Mrs. Hofman!" 

When I look at a lace mold, I immediately contemplate in my mind how I would use it on a wedding cake.  Sometimes we just have to "think outside of the box" or our "norm".  I was happy with the end result on this sheet cake using Border- Wide Floral  silicone mold from 

For Step-by-Step directions, with photos on using a lace press, check the  Lace it Up! blog post.

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