Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ballerina Beauty

Check out the project that Leslie Schweitzer created using the 5-petal blossom veiner.

I decided to use both sugar as well as gumpaste with my mold.

For the sugar:
I tried two ways to make the sugar flowers....venuance pearls and isomalt. I found the venuance pearls to lack clarity, they became cloudy upon completion. The isomalt turned out beautifully clear! After preparing the isomalt according to directions, I poured it onto the mold as accurately as I could (some does spill over, that's ok because I have a baking mat underneath). Then, I pressed the opposing side of the mold on to create the two-sided effect that is so outstanding with this mold.

I did not have to be perfect with the amount of isomalt, whatever spilled out and over was easily broken off when firm.

In less than 5 minutes, I had a perfectly beautiful, multi-dimensional bloom.

For the gumpaste:
I simply colored the gumpaste pink and pressed it into the two sides of the mold. When slightly firm (less than 5 minutes), I left it to completely dry on crumpled aluminum foil. When totally firm, I painted it lightly with a pink airbrush paint.

I hope you like this mold as much as I adored using it!

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