Friday, July 16, 2010

Floating Collar

Check out the project that Glenda Stockwell completed with our braided trim lace mold and a shamrock veiner.

The cake is small 6" square covered in ivory fondant on the cake and board..  The cake is place off-set to give more space on the front two edges to give room for the pressed design on the board as well as the two samrocks on the front corner. 

The lace mold for the braided trim was used with fondant mixed with tylose to create the square piece that is suspended above the cake.  The collar was made a week in advance and allowed to dry hard.  A full week was not needed to dry but I was too scared to get started.  The same mold was also used for the lace piece on the top edge of the cake. 

On the cake board itself the silicone insert was used to press the design onto the fondant covered board.  To avoid stretching the piece I carefully laid it in place then used a fondant smoother to evenly press on the length of the insert.

I also added a simple rope border then painted the design of the lace piece with some gold luster dust mixed with everclear.  Very nerve wracking when painting the suspended collar!

The shamrocks were made using light green colored gumpaste that was then dusted with ECGs green bean colored petal dust. 

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