Sunday, June 27, 2010

5 Petal Blossom Cupcakes - Georganne Bell

Our next user group project comes from Georganne Bell and showcases the 5 petal blossom veiner. This veiner is BY FAR, the most popular product that we offer. I hope you enjoy the inforamtion that Georganne has provided and her beautiful cupcakes.

I am so jealous of those talented people who can make amazing sugar flowers. Sadly, I will never be one of them. When sugar flowers are required, I make the bare minimum number that are necessary, take way too much time to make them, and I'm pretty much never happy with how they turn out. I have to say though, I am LOVING the 5 petal blossom veiner. It makes creating simply elegant cupcakes more...well...simple. I have a little confession to make. I made nearly 3 times as many flowers as I needed. Each time I pulled a beautiful flower off the veiner, I told myself that I would make just one more.

While making my rather abundant bundle of flowers, I learned a couple of things. First, after cutting out the fondant with a 5 petal cutter and placing it on the veiner, it helps to push the center down just a little before gently pressing down with the top piece. Second, popping the whole thing in the freezer for 30 seconds really helped me get the flower out with the exact same shape as the veiner. Did I mention that I love this thing? Love it.

Georgann Bell

Product used:
5 Petal Blossom Veiner

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