Monday, June 21, 2010

Finally - the Finished Cake

I hate it when my "minds eye" and my hands do not agree on the final cake design.  I had all intentions of being able to post a "play by play" of the cigar/wind cake -- But of course that did not happen --

Do you ever have those cakes that for some reason are "hexed" or "cursed" from the beginning?  It seemed like everything that touched or was needed for this cake was doomed -- but then at the 11th hour it all came together for the final product.

The top of the humidor is chocolate and created from a mold of an actual cigar humidor.  The cutter, the vent and wine bottles are also from silicone molds.  The wine bottles are chocolate, a half and full bottle mold. The cigars where made using "cake ball dough" and brushing them with melted chocolate.  The labels for both the wine and cigars are from edible images.   The cakes sit up a "grave marker" i.e. gray fondant covered cake board.  Here's a close up of the details on the top.    

The molds used for the cake will be available on in the near future. 

So after a week in the kitchen, it's back to the workshop to create some new designs.  The DTC Product User group is busy working on projects that will be posted soon.  I can't wait to see the final products!


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