Sunday, June 13, 2010

Let the Projects Begin! and a preview for next week....

What a great response to the DTC Product User Group!  At this time all spots have been filled, actually we expanded it from 15 to 20 due to such great response.  For those of you that still would like to join, we will hold your information for future opening or expansion. 

Several of the group members have placed thier orders and they will be receiving them early next week.  I'm so excited to see the results of thier "projects" and even more excited to be able to share thier experiences here on the blog @ Decorate The Cake. 

I am working on a few projects of my own -- and Saturday night, I found the neatest set of "key holes" and matching Keys -- I had 15 minutes before JoAnn's closed, all I needed were brushes and to not spend $$$  -- I thought, I'll just run in and grab them - in and out, right?   Well, on my way to the back of the store, I spotted these items in the scrapbooking isle -- just had to have them.   The key holes are very classly and incredibly detailed - the keys have words on them like secret, love, etc....  So Im going to squeeze these item in to the next batch of new products -- I imagine cute little mini cakes that look like boxes with keyhole and keys to open, or a diary cake --

Other items for this week include 1) finishing the new 2 piece bottle mold - now that my fingers have healed from the sugar accident! 2) more new lace - I have several new pieces that will be put in to development and can't wait to share them and 3) gumpaste flowers How-tos - now that I have the cutters for the new DTC veiners, I'm dying to work on sugar flowers... 

That's it for now! 

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