Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Wine and Cigars

There are some clients that I just adore.  You know, the the ones that understand the passion to create and appreciate the effort that is needed to make "a special" cake.

Yesterday, I received an email from one of those customers, and she needs a cake for a special event on Friday-- and before I could even finish reading the email, I was already designing the cake in my head.  A little short notice, but the schedule is light this week, plus with our new Intern (who you will meet soon) this cake is manageable (well, until my head gets a hold of it!!!)

The theme is wine and cigars!    

So immediately I'm  off to the workshop to create a new mold.  I want to do a 3D Wine bottle, not one of my 1/2 bottle processes or using a glove mold - but a true 2 piece wine bottle that is completely realistic.  So I clayed up the bottle, and worked to get the seams just right, added the foam core sides and poured the first 1/2 of the mold. 

The next step will be to remove the mold box and clay and pour side 2.  Once that is cured, I can begin working on the bottle for the cake.

The cake will be a cigar humidor.  Other design elements will include a stemless wine glass, cigars and cigar accessories.

Today's goal will be to finish all the molds needed for the design - So I best be headed to the workshop to get started. 


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