Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wine and Cigars - Day 2

As they say, the best made plans -- and they also say that silicone only sticks to silicone -- WRONG -- All the work I did on the full bottle mold has to be redone, the silicone stuck to glass -- and when I removed it tore cracks into the mold-- So, in a few minutes I'll be headed down to clay up another bottle and start round 2.

The other molds in process for the cake are a stemless wine glass (which also stuck and is being redone), a glass panel mold for the top of the humidor, cigar molds and some misc pieces for the piece. 

So for Thursday, will be baking the cake and finishing up the molds.  I need to have everything in place to assemble on Friday.  I'm debating about what to do with the cake board --

Tomorrow's update will have pictures -- none for tonight -- I couldn't bare to look at the mold I had to trash!


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